Future musical directions

Prior to January 1, 2021, my music was focused on music cues for film and TV. Following my recovery from COVID-19, my musical direction is going to take a slight turn. In one word: Jesus music.

My penchant for writing Christian worship music has always been a strong suit, especially songs either derived directly from the Bible or songs related to theological subjects. One of my favorite projects was Hide the Bible in Your Heart, songs taken directly from the New International Version to be used as a memorization tool. In the few moments I have left on this side of glory (for no one really knows how long I have), the majority of my time dedicated to music will be writing Christian-themed music.

Now, I still love to record Beatles tracks note-for-note for fun and the occasional piece from Handel’s Messiah, but I have a few tunes from the cassette projects that never were recorded properly. I also have a few songs tucked away that never saw the light of day except in the last few concerts with The Boys in Portland. I’ll re-record or complete these songs as well.

I don’t know if I will ever be able to perform again in an extended concert-in-the-park. Time will tell. I hope I will be able to endure with the strength needed to lead worship at Celebrate Recovery. But studio recording happens a take at a time, and with a small studio at hand, I can do that!

The doctors around me, at one point, predicted grim results. But God was strong when I was weak. I owe each breath my lungs breathe to Jesus. As I have noted on each project I’ve recorded, all glory belongs to YHWH.