This American Night (on the 4th of July) – Official Lyric Video

I recorded this song in September, 2020 – way before the nasty little Covid bug put me in the hospital for five months. I’m thankful to God that He rescued me so I could release this song. I was planning to release it in May, 2021. So, I’m not that far off.

After 29 years of singing at 4th of July celebrations in California on 90-100 degree days with The Silverados, I thought a song about this special night was appropriate. There really isn’t one out there. I especially enjoyed a gig we did in Tustin, California where Mary and I sat on the stage and watched the fireworks display immediately after our performance. It was indeed a hot, summer night.

For all of you who will tell me it should be on the radio, I sent the song to a dozen song pluggers, ten in Nashville and two in Los Angeles. They all rejected it. It was “too niche,””It didn’t have a love story,” and as one plugger put it, “It’s just a song about the 4th of July.” You think?! Nashville is a songwriter’s town. If you don’t live there, it’s difficult to get a song published there. I gave it a shot.

So, here it is a year later and I’ll release it as a single. It should be on iTunes and Apple Music by July 4th. Perhaps Tim McGraw or Trace Adkins will hear it. Enjoy!