Update #8 – Six months at home

November 27, 2021

These updates are getting easier.

A prism sits in our kitchen window. This time of year, it casts a brilliant spectrum of light across the living room floor. The light migrates across our floor as the earth rotates and eventually ends up in the kitchen. This wonder is one of the things to which I look forward in November and December – an artistic gift from God. This year, I look at it and simply thank God that I am here to see it once again. I find myself doing this about the simplest things more than a dozen times a day. My life is deeper because of it.

THANK YOU. Thank you, again, for praying for my healing. God heard you, God answered you, and God performed a miracle. My outlook was “grim” and now I sit here writing to you. Thank you! Thank you to all who are praying for my recovery. I have very few issues remaining from my Covid ordeal compared to those who suffered from this for about the same length of time.


Covid Fatigue. I tire easily. I’m usually dog-tired by 4 PM. I sleep about 9 hours per night about 2 1/2 hours at a time.

Lung Capacity. My lungs have expanded greatly in 6 months. However, when I take a deep breath of this SoCal air, I have a pretty fair ache in my left lung. It may be scar tissue from the chest tube that was inserted, or it may be an actual lung problem. I still cough quite a bit when I exert myself or deeply breathe.

Digestive Tract. Something is still not right with my digestion. Without giving too many details, it’s a little better than it was 6 months ago, but long visits anywhere depend on easy and fast access to a restroom.

Numbness. There is still nerve damage to my feet, my ankles, and portions of my arms.


The light-headedness I was experienced has all but disappeared. When I am really tired, I feel it. I am attending church again on Sundays and completed a Bible study in Daniel on Wednesday nights… all without incident.

I walk daily to Starbucks and wind my way through the neighborhood back home following the same path I used to take pre-Covid. It takes 90 minutes to walk 3.5 miles. This past week, I started walking without a cane. I’m extremely careful at all curbs, and if I have to stand for any time at all, I lean on something. As many know, there is not a flat road in Alta Loma, so half of the walk is always uphill.

I played and “sang” at Celebrate Recovery this month. Guitar playing is fine, but the four songs I played on at CR winded me. I did some vocal recording, but my voice is very tentative and I cannot sustain a note without wobbling. There is nothing above a tenor’s “D”.

I started driving this month. I started with small trips to Target and Albertson’s. Then, I drove at night back from Yorba Linda, about 75 minutes. I noticed that LED headlights create a prism effect in my eyes and actually obscure vision. I have heard about this phenomena from other people, too.

I mowed the backyard and plan to put up the Christmas lights today. Mary will assist me on the ladder and steady me as I work with my hands above my head. (I was successful!)


Continued recovery, specifically in the areas of “Remaining Issues.”

That I remain healthy through the winter and Christmas holiday season. I do not know how something as simple as a common cold will affect me.

My appreciation for my life, and life itself, is deeper than it has ever been. Thanksgiving was a special day. I had many, many things for which I thanked God. As I stated before, it is common for me to stop in the middle of my day and offer thanks for the simplest things I experience. This happens more than a dozen times every, single day. God is good and has been very good to me.

Oh give thanks to the LORD, call upon His name.

Make known His deeds among the peoples.

Sing to Him, sing praises to Him.

Speak of all His wonderful acts.

(Psalm 105:1-2 NASB)